poula progressiva

Cabaret (1972)

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton making out all over Egypt.

Nella città l’inferno, 1959.


Happy 77th Birthday, Julie Andrews

↳ (October 1 1935 - )

She’s one of the finest people in the business, I think, that I’ve been able to work with and get to know. But contrary to popular opinion, she’s got a ribald sense of humor. She’s very funny herself. She enjoys a raucous laugh. She’s a tremendously committed, hardworking professional, and she’s got such grace and dignity about her — just her personhood. But I don’t find her in any way treacly or saccharine. She’s definitely a woman of manners, but not in any way that’s offensively on the saccharine side. She just embodies a kind of grace and elegance and civility, and that’s not how you would describe most people in show business. 

Leslie Ann Warren

Stage Door | 1937

Goodbye all, and when I return I shall tell you how the other half lives. Nice meeting you.

Ginger Rogers whooping some ass in “Vivacious Lady”, 1938

Judy Garland in ‘Everybody Sing’ 1938


Rita Moreno singing ‘America’ in West Side Story (1961)


Bette Davis in A Stolen Life, 1946